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New Advertisements Highlight the Contributions of People with IDDs

People with intellectual and developmental differences (IDDs) are too often defined by what they can’t do. But when you take time to connect to someone with an IDD, you’ll discover many ways they can positively impact our community, your business or even your life.

Connectable is a new public awareness campaign designed to demonstrate the value people with IDDs can bring. The campaign’s first public service announcements (PSAs) released this week spotlight two Northeast Florida people living with IDDs and what they contribute to our community.

The first video PSA, “The Office,” shows the contributions of James, a local office worker with an intellectual disability. James has worked at the law firm Rogers Towers for almost a decade. The firm has recognized James for his hard work, high attendance, and positive attitude.

The second video, “The Dance,” tells the story of a volunteer at a prom dance where typical teenagers and those with IDDs celebrate together. The young man in the video believes he is at the prom to volunteer, but he makes an unexpectedly rewarding connection with Victoria, a girl who has Down syndrome.

Whether it’s with a good job performance or a long-lasting friendship, people with IDDs have a lot to offer to us and our community. Click here to find out how you can make a connection with someone with an IDD today.