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Working Toward Plans for Employment at DSAJ

Peyton Miller has been waiting for this moment since her first day on the job at Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville. Five enthusiastic students opened their notebooks and began to take notes about resume writing, how to dress for success, and interview skills. It was their first class of the DSAJ Career Solution Training Academy and time to begin working toward their plans for employment. They hung onto every word that their DSAJ Instructor, Peyton, had to share.

Over the next several months, Peyton will guide them to discover their interests and strengths, and help them gain the knowledge needed to find and keep meaningful employment in the community. Upon graduation, DSAJ will work with businesses interested in hiring Academy graduates – whether it is for an existing position or one they carve for the special employee. Like many businesses that employ people with Down syndrome and other intellectual differences, Peyton knows that they are adding an individual to their team who is not only hardworking and dependable but who is uniquely qualified to make a positive impact on the workplace culture.

Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville is a partner in the Connectable campaign, an initiative launched last year by The Delores Barr Weaver Fund designed to help build awareness about the abilities of people with intellectual and developmental differences.