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A Place to Call Home in Jacksonville, Florida

Living in our house together has been really great. We love to cook, workout, and we support each other through good and tough times. We especially love hanging out with our best friends. We go out every Friday night and sometimes we do a cookout. We go to church on Sundays and enjoy going to the beach. Megan and I love to compete in Special Olympics sports. With my crazy work schedule, I love to see Megan when I come home from a long day of work. ~ Jimmy

Housing opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental differences (IDD) vary in Northeast Florida -- from independent living, semi-independent, to group home settings.

Independent and Semi-Independent Living

In Jacksonville, we have some great housing options, including The Arc Village. This national model independent living community carries a lengthy waitlist due to the demand. Residents, like newlyweds Megan and Jimmy, live independently in single or double-occupancy units. They can enjoy camaraderie around the pool and at a club house or relax in the privacy of their own home. It provides both independence and strong community friendships.

Several nonprofit organizations operate supportive housing sprinkled throughout neighborhoods and apartments. These are generally double or triple occupancy units in single-family or multi-family living communities.

Supportive Housing - Group Homes

Group homes offer a step-up in support for those who need more assistance to have an optimal quality of life. Support staff provides around-the-clock guidance, meals, safety, and security. Some group homes are on nonprofit campuses and others are nonprofit-owned homes in neighborhoods.

"I love living with my friends, they are like family to me. I enjoy watching TV. I can relax in my home and do whatever I want to do, which is nice." ~ Patrick, Pine Castle resident

Group Homes are a Connectable opportunity! Many of these homes welcome volunteers to socialize and lend a hand.  Click a logo below to get started. 


Access to housing and affordability are challenges for many individuals with IDD. Affordability presents a barrier to access for those who are not enrolled on the Med Waiver or able to pay the cost of rent and support services out of pocket. It can cost as much as $60,000 for group homes with 24/7 support staff. Access to housing is one of a myriad of reasons advocates lobby for the State of Florida to fully fund the Med Waiver program, as the waiting list is years long.

In a progressive move, the Florida Housing Finance Corp has responded to the voices of advocates and offers grants for developers to build affordable housing for special needs across the state. Now we need organizations that will manage the special needs of residents at these properties.

Respite Housing

A great need exists in our community for respite housing for those with IDD and behavioral health conditions. Challenges arise for some caregivers during the teenage years. When a small child with a behavioral health issue grows into a large teenager, meltdowns can become difficult to manage and a danger to siblings. This becomes a crisis that stabilization and respite housing can help alleviate.

During Connectable Roundtable Discussions, housing was identified as a key priority to making Jacksonville the best place to live, work, and play for individuals with IDD. Click here to read the full report.