When you pledge to be connectable to people with IDDs, you’re making a promise that will not only positively impact people with IDDs, but also the wider Northeast Florida community.

It’s a step that can make a real difference for people with IDDs. When they are accepted in the community, people with IDDs are more likely to make friends, become employed and reach their full potential.

Our community can be enriched by the unique gifts of people with IDDs, including their unconditional love and acceptance of others. Connecting with people with IDDs is a rewarding experience, and it can start with your pledge. Sign up today and help Northeast Florida become more connectable.

I’m ready to take the pledge and am excited to be automatically entered to win Big Ticket VIP tickets.

  • Tell us why you’re making the pledge.
  • I pledge to be connectable to people with intellectual and developmental differences (IDDs) in whatever way I can, whether educating myself, having positive interactions, volunteering or hiring people with IDDs.